Build Your Business with British Airways

Aimed at helping small- and medium-sized businesses in Singapore, the newly revamped On Business loyalty programme from British Airways helps get more value out of business travel budgets. 

On top of offering new members triple On Business Points on their first six eligible flights within the first 12 months of their new membership, the programme brings together the frequent flyer programmes of British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines to enable customers to collect and spend on all three programmes under one scheme. The new and improved On Business programme, which in 2014 helped businesses save SGD34 million on flights, rewards points based on spend rather than distance travelled or number of flights. Members of British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus will benefit from double points every time they fly and will be rewarded in both schemes.


Other new benefits of the popular platform include: cash discounts on selected flights, a three-tier ranking system to boost earning power, handpicked offers and bonuses for members, and a new easy-to-use online account management tool.

The new three-tier system is being introduced to allow users to move up tiers based on their spending, allowing them to have increased earning power, while members who want immediate savings can choose an upfront discount in place of points. To help members track their progress and savings, the newly-launched website will also generate customised reports which provide a clear view of travellers, destinations and points earned. 

"Our research shows that members want a programme that is simple to understand, helps them manage travel costs and rewards them for their spend," said Robert Williams, head of Asia Pacific sales. "The changes we are making is to do exactly that --a simple way of earning points based on spend, a simple way of delivering immediate savings through discounts and tiers to reward loyalty."

"We understand the needs of small- and medium-size businesses; the new programme will allow them to integrate the networks and benefits of all three airlines to help stretch travel budgets. The revitalised On Business is a solution that will better meet the needs of this dynamic and growing sector."

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