10 tips for leading change in an organisation

In our fast-moving world, change rarely slows down. Like a train moving far away in the distance, sometimes we can see change coming. Other times: Wham! It hits like a lightning bolt seemingly out of nowhere. In either case, we best be prepared. Because it's not the change in our lives, but how we choose to adapt, that makes all the difference.

1. Believe. Believing that every change creates opportunities is the first step to finding them.

2. Make a "To-Who List." Change is hard enough as it is. It is even harder going it alone. Use the To-Who List to build the relationships now that you will need then.

3. Let go. Holding on to regrets from the past or fears about the future will hinder you from grasping the opportunities in front of you right now.

4. Latch on. Values are like a compass: They will point you in the right direction when change has you feeling lost and not knowing where to turn next.

5. Grow where you're planted. Leaders don't waste time complaining about change. They are too busy doing something about it.

6. Laugh. Humor lightens the load and opens minds to finding solutions when change has turned your world upside down.

7. Write your story. We don't always get to choose how our change story begins. But we always get to choose how it ends. What will your next chapter be?

8. Imagine. Combining a passionate vision with patience and persistence is your key to long-term success.

9. Lead. If there were no change, we wouldn't need leaders. Leaders help us adapt to change that has already happened, and help us create change that needs to happen.

10. Adapt first and fast. Everyone experiences change. Therefore, going through change is not a market differentiator. Adapting to it faster and better than your competitors do can be. So instead of reeling from change, use it to your advantage.

Dr. Gary Bradt is a leadership speaker, author, clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, and C-suite executive coach. He has had an impact on companies all over the globe including IBM, American Express, eBay, and FedEx. The Goodman Speakers Bureau will be sponsoring Bradt to speak at Successful Meetings' Destination Caribbean, August 21-24 at the Ritz-Carlton in Aruba. Planners, apply to be a hosted buyer and in addition to hearing Bradt speak, you'll connect with the top hotels, CVBs, DMCs, and venues from across the Caribbean in pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments and unique experiential networking events, while enjoying a fully hosted three-night stay at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba. To apply, visit

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