How to Keep Meeting Attendees Healthy in 2018

(Credit: ronstik/Getty Images)
(Credit: ronstik/Getty Images)

Health and wellness continues to be a major priority for travelers of all types -- including those who attend meetings and events.

As a meeting planner, you're probably used to scratching attendees' health itch with things like nutritious food choices and meditative spa breaks. If you want to stand out in 2018, however, you'll need to push your health and wellness game to the cutting edge.

One way to do that is to focus on indoor air quality, according to Successful Meetings Senior Editor Andrea Doyle. "[Take] a closer look at the air that we breathe and the fact that people and corporations will take more responsibility for it," Doyle advises. "This can mean filling [meeting venues] with plants, donning chic air-pollution-protection masks, investing in air-purifying devices, using salt therapy, or choosing 'lung-cleansing' travel destinations."

Another good idea: Marry fitness with fun. "Workouts that focus on fun will become more popular," Doyle reports. "Boogie Bounce, a complete workout that takes place on a mini trampoline, is one example."

Finally, don't forget to care for attendees' souls -- especially those of your female attendees.

"This [will] be the 'year of the woman,' with a new intersection between women's empowerment, feminism, and wellness on the horizon," Doyle concludes. "There will be more women-only clubs, co-working spaces, and collectives: where women work, network, empower each other, unwind, and learn with wellness as a focus."

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