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Disconnecting from technology

Mandarin Oriental’s launches its Digital Wellness Escape

Non-digital activities. Credit: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

WORLDWIDE - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has launched its Digital Wellness Escape, a luxurious retreat which encourages guests to escape from constant digital connectivity and to focus on their wellbeing.

"A lot of the value of a spa experience comes from simply disconnecting from technology and experiencing time for yourself in silence," said Mr Jeremy McCarthy, group spa director for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

"During this stressful time of the year, we want to create a space where people can press the pause button and have some time to think, meditate, or just take a break from being inundated with noise."

Guests are encouraged to come alone or to bring a loved one with whom they would like to share an experience of silent connection.

"In today's fast-paced and technology-charged society, the new norm is to always be connected. This constant distraction interrupts focus; concentration…we created this programme to support our guests with finding a healthier balance in their daily lives" said spa director Ms Karen Aleksich.

Guests have access to a range of wellness advice and activities designed to help them disconnect from technology. Mandarin Oriental has developed a number of tips and guidelines that can help establish personal boundaries on the use of technology, clear mental chatter and establish a healthy, digitally balanced lifestyle.

Time for self. Credit: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

The Digital Wellness Escape can be booked at all of the Group's spas. The 1 hour 20-minute experience focuses on grounding both body and mind through the power of human touch and is designed to provide a calming and peaceful respite from the outside world and the stress of repetitive movements.

"Wellness experts agree that silence, and the absence of incessant digital noise, is key to our health and wellbeing," said Ms Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute.

The Spa treatment commences with a foot steam using ancient shungite stones that absorb negative energy, anxiety and depression. Guests can choose to learn to prepare their own organic face mask with ingredients such as oatmeal, yogurt and mocha or simply enjoy the silence.

With a focus on grounding both the body and mind, the face mask is applied and the massage experience then concentrates on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders and back to provide a calming and peaceful respite to alleviate the stress of the outside world.

Before and after the treatment, guests are invited to the spa lounge to enjoy a range of nondigital activities such as Jenga, Rubik's cubes and mindful colouring or to relax and meditate.

Guests are presented with a Mandarin Oriental Power Protein Smoothie to recharge and homecare booklet featuring wellness tips and advice as a reminder on the importance of taking time for reflection.