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In Brief
Deugro Germany opted for a different experience and held its annual global meeting in Tokyo for the first time. The client's three-day conference with workshops was complemented with a programme that allowed delegates to explore the city. 

Programme & Planning
A packed schedule was planned for the 140 delegates who participated in the conference. The client has traditionally done a very structured and paper-based meeting programme, but this year, teamtravel introduced an interactive component into the mix. 


 With Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku? as the chosen venue, delegates were able to enjoy a refurbished space that projects a rich, lush ambience with warm hues of dark red and brown and yellow light. The hotel's stylish bar served as a focal point for networking and mingling during the breaks. 

For the conference programme, teamtravel used innovative technology such as binary signal tools for polling and gaming during the meetings. It was an important component of the programme as it kept the fun level on high mode and enabled participants to keep focused despite an intensive schedule of almost 100 workshops within two days. 

The final component of the programme was a half-day "sightseeing segment", in which a City Mission was created for the delegates, who were split into 14 teams with different routes to explore. This was done by partnering with SwarmWorks, a consultancy that employs interactive technologies to transform traditional conventions and conferences into dynamic experiences. 



The 14 teams were briefed on the routes they had to cover in the city, with specific tasks to complete along the way. After which the teams were tracked by the "game master "via GPS as they made their way around the city. 

The delegates were equipped with iPads, iPhones and GPS routers as well as city day passes as they went about solving their assigned missions without relying on the internet. These missions involved exploring different locales in the city as they "unlocked tasks" at each point, with each task designed to give delegates the opportunity to interact with the locals.  Chat functions between the teams and the game master were activated to make the game experience more interactive. 

Photo tasks were also part of the experience, enabling delegates to use those photos as a fun element during the event's closing session.

And to align the experience of the City Mission with the conference theme, questions raised during the meetings and workshops were addressed during the task-solving segments as well. This allowed the client to bring the big picture into perspective in a fun and memorable way. 

Completing the whole experience was the final night, which involved a city cruise on board a yakatabune. It provided the setting for a scenic backdrop accompanied by music, merry making, wining and dining. 



The client felt that they were able to maximise their short time in Tokyo in the best possible way, with a programme that allowed them to explore different parts of the city. 

This project was an example of a totally customised product that involved a lot of work beforehand, and it turned out to be a unique experience for the client, who emphasised that it was the best programme by far. 

Talking Point
The interactive element of the programme was a hit, whether it was during the City Mission or during the meetings and workshops where delegates were able to use technology to participate. It was an intensive conference that was uplifted by the innovative approach. 

teamtravel premium GmbH
Contact: [email protected]
Event: deugro global meeting 2014
Venue: Hilton Tokyo and Tokyo city
Date: September 4 to 7, 2014
Event size: 140 delegates
Client: deugro