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Club Melbourne is a prestigious organisation that drives the Ambassador Program responsible for placing Melbourne on the map as a destination for world-class conventions and exhibitions. The club celebrated the programme's 10th anniversary on September 9 last year, also marking the launch of its Club Melbourne Fellowship.

Owned and led by Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) with collaboration and support from the Melbourne Convention Bureau and the Victorian State Government, the programme has delivered over 100 international conferences worth over AU$600 million to become the world's most influential Ambassador Program.



 Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC) was tasked to create a unique experience to celebrate Club Melbourne's anniversary, which was also the special occasion for welcoming five new ambassadors into its fold.

With the previous years' events being formal and structured, Club Melbourne requested for an interactive experience that reflected the club's achievements for the past 10 years and which also highlighted unique aspects of Melbourne and Victoria.

MCEC's multi-functional Plenary was transformed into a gala dinner space, with seating retracted to create a flat floor dining experience. Plenary's lower seating can be retracted in eight minutes to form the flat floor, which can be customised into different tiers depending on event requirements.


 It was important that the room was set up in a configuration that guests would not expect from a 'standard event'. It was also important that the set-up maximised networking opportunities. To achieve this, the long tables were all facing in towards the centre stage which ensured that everyone was as close as possible to the presentation area.

Recognised as some of the best in the industry, MCEC's technology team created a giant spherical screen on which images and live feeds were projected during the evening. This was the first time something like this was explored at MCEC. The sphere had the capability of having video projected onto it, creating a unique three-dimensional viewing experience.

Guests were treated to a menu that was locally sourced from Victorian farmers and suppliers which showcased the best produce that Victoria has to offer, including Victorian scallop ceviche and Wimmera duck bresola with cherry ginger jam.


 A reveal of a dessert station on the main plenary stage took place at the conclusion of formalities. During speeches and behind a closed curtain, MCEC staff silently set up the dessert platters on the Plenary stage. Featured in the dessert was a coconut, passionfruit and ginger verrine, strawberry and vanilla brulee and a lemon Yuzu cheesecake. The curtain was pulled back to reveal the desserts and guests were invited to the stage to sample the treats.

Guests were also treated to entertainment during the event, with performances by a pianist, a ballet dancer, a live vocalist and the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir.

Guests loved the visual display of the desserts buffet, and the anticipation of the reveal on stage enhanced the experience for guests when they were invited to help themselves to the stunning array of creative treats.

Organiser: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC)
Contact: [email protected]
Event: Club Melbourne Ambassador Program 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Venue: Plenary at MCEC
Event size: 250 guests
Client: Club Melbourne