Hospitable Kaohsiung — the New MICE Landmark in Asia!

One of Kaohsiung's highlights is the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), which was named by Times Magazine as one of the World's Greatest Places to visit in 2019. (© National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying))

A rising star in the global business events market, Kaohsiung is shining bright as an international MICE harbour city in South Taiwan. With a spate of developments; upgrades in the city's infrastructure, coupled with strategic marketing and promotions, this sub-tropical city has become a true destination for MICE events of all sizes.

Ho-Chung Fu, Director-General, Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Ho-Chung Fu, Director-General, Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

Asia's New Bay Area, the major urban renewal project joining city and harbour, the establishment in 2013 of the Kaohsiung MICE Office, and the inauguration of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in 2014 have made the MICE industry a key driver of Kaohsiung's growth for local industries, events, tourism, entertainment and transportation.

In addition to its high connectivity and accessibility with a convenient international airport, high-speed rail and harbour, Kaohsiung now is a home port for cruises in Asia, of which a brand-new cruise terminal will begin docking from next year. Adding towards Kaohsiung's prosperous future as a true player in the international city landscape is the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), one of Asia's most important centres for arts and performances.

Asia's New Bay Area

The recently launched slogan "Kaohsiung, we connect" is a statement of the city's determination to connect and market Kaohsiung to the world. Under this banner, all MICE and tourism-related stakeholders work together to develop international MICE marketing strategies and shape Kaohsiung into one of the top choices for international conventions and exhibitions. The astounding bid win of the ICCA Congress 2020 on its first try, is testament of the success of this strategy. In Kaohsiung we know that MICE works as a platform to attract business visitors and tourists at home and abroad, resulting in the increase of domestic consumption and chances for export.


Kaohsiung's charm and MICE strengths and capabilities are ready for you to discover. The people are welcoming by nature, with bright smiles brimming with hospitality and enthusiasm to embrace friends coming from all over the world.

Kaohsiung will be hosting the 2020 Global Harbor Cities Forum on Oct 28-30, followed by the Annual Meeting of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA 2020) on Nov 1-4. During those times, Kaohsiung will showcase the very best of the city to welcome you and more than 1,000 delegates from 100 countries.

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