To the FUTR and beyond

Jason Ng, executive director of MP International.
Jason Ng, executive director of MP International.

In the midst of the Chinese New Year celebrations last week, MP International announced the acquisition of a significant stake in FUTR Group (formerly Millennial 20/20), the global trends, innovation and summit business exploring the future of retail, marketing and commerce in Asia, Europe and the US. This comes after three years of significant growth for FUTR Group. The  leadership, however, will remain the same, with co-founders Rupa Ganatra and Simon Berger staying at the helm. 

For half a century, Pico, which MP International is a part of, has been creating immersive audience engagements by harnessing the power of technology, content and production capabilities. This particular acquisition will significantly boost MP International's value proposition for its clients. That's because FUTR Group is a global platform that covers future trends shaping retail, marketing and commerce, such as advertising, artificial intelligence, data, robotics and AR/VR. On top of that, the annual FUTR Summits (in Asia, Europe and the US) attracts over 3,000 delegates, 50% of which are brands, retailers and corporates, to share ideas, practical insights and real-time case studies. Finally, FUTR Insights, FUTR Immerse and FUTR Innovate offer year-round touchpoints for those looking to keep ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving consumer landscape. 

Commenting on the acquisition, Jason Ng, executive director of MP International, said, "We see great synergy and potential growth in our partnership with the FUTR Group. Using our combined knowledge and experience with innovation, future trends and insights across multiple industry sectors, platforms and territories, we will further expand the value proposition of FUTR for our clients." 

FUTR Group's co-founder Rupa Ganatra, too, is optimistic about this partnership, "We have seen tremendous organic growth over the last three years and are very pleased to partner with Pico to take it to the next level, especially in regions like Asia where Pico's presence and reputation is second-to-none. They have extensive experience and a superb track record in supporting growth businesses in our industry." 

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