Tackling mundane tasks with robots and technology

Interlock Group shares how they do it with hotels.

Working closely with hoteliers to alleviate labour shortages: (from left) Interlock Group’s CTO, Dinesh Kumar; CEO Sanjiv Sharma; and Kevin Singh, COO.
Working closely with hoteliers to alleviate labour shortages: (from left) Interlock Group’s CTO, Dinesh Kumar; CEO Sanjiv Sharma; and Kevin Singh, COO. Photo Credit: Interlock Group

In recent years, hotels worldwide have been grappling with labour shortages, making it challenging to meet guests' expectations for quality service. Interlock Group Asia Pacific COO, Kevin Singh, has more than 30 years of experience in the hotel and travel industry and is in a unique position to work with hotels to find solutions to tackle mundane tasks.

Singh shared with M&C Asia how his company is playing a part to meet this need.

“Our company has been working closely with hoteliers in Singapore to alleviate this issue by offering cutting-edge robotics and technology solutions. We are aligned with the Singapore Job Transformation Map, which encourages hotel leaders to adopt innovative technologies to enhance productivity and create a more efficient workforce.

“By partnering with hoteliers, we integrate our hospitality robotics seamlessly into their existing operations, augmenting their staff's capabilities and enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. This approach is in line with the hotel industry's goals of embracing automation and digitalisation to transform the way they operate.”

Popular products being adopted among his clients are delivery bots and AI-embedded CCTV cameras for security purposes. The delivery bots help in streamlining operations by autonomously delivering items to guest rooms, optimising efficiency and reducing manual labour requirements.

AI-embedded CCTV cameras provide advanced security features, including real-time monitoring, facial recognition, and predictive analytics, which enhance the safety and overall guest experience. Further to this, the AI embedded CCTVs also allow the security manpower to be more proactive than reactive with alerts - any programmed abnormalities in daily operations are sent directly to the Fire Command Centre or through alerts on their phones.

“This allows a more holistic approach towards the overall security of a hotel premise,” added Singh.

Over the next 12 months, the company aims to further expand its presence in the hospitality industry by forging strategic partnerships with more hotels across the region.

“We will continue to innovate and develop new solutions to address evolving industry challenges while prioritising the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

One of the primary challenges hoteliers face when integrating Interlock’s products with their existing hotel systems is ensuring compatibility and seamless integration. To overcome this, the company has a dedicated team of technical experts. “We collaborate closely with hotel IT teams to ensure smooth integration, provide comprehensive training to staff, and offer ongoing support to address any issues that may arise. We are also developing Biome Hospitality, a brand that aims to provide an end-to-end ecosystem that contributes seamlessly through a guest’s journey from pre-arrival to post departure,” said Singh.

The simplest products being offered include Business Management Software that covers aspects of running a business seamlessly, costing from S$1500 (US$1108) per month depending on the business requirements.