Improving client collaboration

BlueJeans Network shares its experience of connecting clients

BlueJeans client: Norm Fjeldheim, senior VP, CIO, Employee Communications, Illumina. Credit: BlueJeans Network

WORLDWIDE - BlueJeans is a meetings platform and offers cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting. Organisations across industries use its technology for video, audio and web conferencing meetings, and large interactive events.

Its clients include Red Hat, Intuit, Zillow Group, National Geographic and Illumina. The latter is a world leader in genetic sequencing and has a culture of innovation and collaboration, with employees spread across seven countries and 16 distribution centres.

Mr Norm Fjeldheim, senior VP, CIO, Employee Communications, Illumina, said: "BlueJeans has been a core part of this technology shift, this culture shift and enabling people to see and collaborate with each other visually, not just over audio.

"Adding Dolby to that mix has really upped the game so now we have great video and great audio, and people are feeling much more comfortable; it's a much more natural experience. They are not fighting the technology in order to work together… it's really changed the pace of our business; the efficiency of our employees and the ability to connect wherever they are, so the remote sites don't feel quite so remote."

One of the ways he evaluates the success of the technology is adoption rates which have doubled. This has resulted in decreases in meeting time as collaboration has improved.

When the new CEO came on board, he wanted to introduce himself virtually and have every site participate, to ask questions and to do so online. He was so pleased with the new technology BlueJeans provided that the company has continued to do virtual town hall meetings every month.

BlueJeans' Asia account manager, Ms Rebecca Lien, was recently invited by Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers to speak at its webinar. She said: "Hosting virtual events is definitely a good way to break down geographical barriers and enable companies to increase scalability and host larger events.

"Our platform can currently accommodate up to 50,000 attendees and we have seen many customers pivot away from physical events to virtual ones in various use cases, from their internal townhalls to external webinars. Hosting these events on a virtual platform has not only enabled them to save cost, but to also have a positive impact on the environment with reduced emissions.

"BlueJeans has always been an enterprise solution, and we strive to deliver the best security, quality and support for our customers. As businesses continue to weigh on the possibility of returning to work at offices, some businesses have decided to enable staff to work from home permanently, if they choose to.

"This means for collaboration platforms like BlueJeans, the key would be to have a solution that can be rolled-out, adopted by users quickly and enhance quality where network bandwidth may be an issue.

"We have clients from many different sectors such as government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare, education and the list goes on. As we adapt to this new norm of working from home, we have received requests to take one step beyond delivering traditional webinars by incorporating new features to enhance attendee engagement, such as reaction emoticons and presentation overlay."