How to Determine the Right Frequency for Social Media Posts

Social media is like a puzzle; in order to succeed, you've got to put all the right pieces in the right places. Some of the most important pieces are: what you should post, where you should post it and when you should post it. Just as important, however, is another piece: how often you should post.

Unfortunately, anyone who's sought the answer has probably received conflicting replies, according to contributor Dakota Shane. Fortunately, he says, a new study sheds some fresh light.

"When it comes to determining the optimal frequency for posting on social media, even the industry giants can't seem to be able to come to a consensus. One publication or study will tell you to post three times per day and the next will tell you 20," Shane says. "Lucky for everyone, though, data doesn't lie, and CoSchedule (a social media pre-scheduling tool) crunched the numbers from 10 data-driven studies to put an end to the debate once and for all."

According to CoSchedule's analysis, the optimal frequency for social media posts is as follows:

• Facebook: 1 post per day
• Twitter: 15 Tweets per day
• Pinterest: 11 Pins per day
• LinkedIn: 1 post per day
• Instagram: 1-2 posts per day

Concludes Shane: "Notice something about these numbers? They're pretty darn high. The cold hard truth about social media marketing is it's going to take a great deal of leg work to build up an actively engaged audience and become a thought leader in your niche."

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