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CWT’s new messaging service aims to enrich travel experience and direct compliance

myCWT: better convenience and accessibility for clients.

USA - CWT has launched a new messaging service, myCWT messaging which is now available globally. It currently has 24 global clients. This new, text-based channel allows clients' employees to quickly reach a CWT counselor 24/7 from their desktop, mobile device or other third-party client approved messaging app.

Ms Heidi Woller, product marketing manager, Global, CWT, said: "This is open to travellers across the globe, assuming they can be serviced in English. We will offer multiple languages later in 2020/early 2021. While we cannot at this time offer messaging for travellers based in China and India, we hope to offer it to those markets in the future. Users pay a fee for the service, similar to the fee charged for a phone call to an agent.

"Travelers like how convenient it is to reach a CWT counsellor. It's fast and in a channel they are used to using in their everyday life. It's faster than waiting on the phone or for an email response."

CWT's travelers can make bookings, retrieve itineraries and resolve queries, anytime, anywhere at their convenience whether that is at a noisy airport or at their desk," said Mr Niklas Andreen, CWT's chief traveler experience officer.

Traveling employees access myCWT messaging in both the myCWT app and on the web, with more interfaces to come in 2020. Travelers can create new bookings, make changes to existing ones, cancel bookings, resolve other queries as well as retrieve and amend their itinerary.

CWT claims that 90 per cent of existing users are satisfied with the service and 88 per cent say messaging requires less effort compared with other channels such as email and phone.

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