New alliance: K.I.T. Group and World Tourism Forum Institute

The PCO will produce events for the Global Tourism Forum in 2022, including regional meetings.

K.I.T. Group and World Tourism Forum Institute will partner to produce the Global Tourism Forum in 2022.
K.I.T. Group and World Tourism Forum Institute will partner to produce the Global Tourism Forum in 2022.

The World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) and professional conference organiser, K.I.T. Group, have entered into a partnership to plan and produce the Global Tourism Forum (GTF), organised in conjunction with the G20 Summit, as well as up to six regional meetings leading up to GTF 2022.

These pre-event meetings will be hosted in various destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, as part of WTFI's ongoing mission to promote the development of each host country's tourism offerings.

"We believe that our new partnership with K.I.T. Group will help ignite the next chapter of WTFI’s strategic growth plan, and help transform into a truly global platform. Our vision is to launch a permanent ‘regional’ footprint on all continents, whilst our flagship event GTF will remain an exclusive offering for certain discerning destinations wishing to be the voice of the industry in the coming decade,” said Bulut Bagci, President of WTFI.

As one of the largest business events within the global travel industry, GTF attracts thousands of participants yearly, including leaders shaping the world tourism, travel agencies and tour operators, local and foreign businessmen, investment groups and bankers, investment consultancy companies, politicians, senior executives, public authorities, strategists and technologists in travel.

Sorting out the hardware aspect of the various GTF components is PCO (professional conference organiser) K.I.T. Group, coming into the partnership with experience in the fields of physical, hybrid and purely digital events, as well as its industry network and expertise in sustainable event formats.

For GTF, K.I.T. Group will assist in SWOT analyses, event design, marketing, registration, sponsorship, financial management and hotel management, also managing the various regional meetings' participants.

"At WTFI we are always trying to help transform local economies and destinations through the power of our events. Along with our new PCO partner, we hope to continue to make a positive impact on the world of travel and tourism," added Bagci.

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