Meet the event industry's future leaders

Thirteen event professionals are taking part in the 2023 AIPC Future Shapers programme.

These candidates will be part of an eight-month leadership programme that aims to propel their expertise to new heights.
These candidates will be part of an eight-month leadership programme that aims to propel their expertise to new heights. Photo Credit: Adobe/Blue Planet Studio

They are among 13 candidates taking part in the 2023 AIPC Future Shapers programme, an eight-month accelerated leadership course which kicked off last week. It aims to propel the industry’s developing leaders to the next level in their careers through a series of masterclasses, ideation and business case development.

AIPC Chairman, Greg O’Dell said: “The AIPC Future Shapers have delivered lasting legacies to the industry, delivering solutions that were well beyond our expectations. A winning formula for preparing high achievers to shape the future of our industry has now been established through the AIPC Future Shapers programme and I know this year’s students will again embrace the program and impress venue management leaders across the globe."

Candidates have been chosen from a range of roles - from event managers and planners to technology and customer service experts to finance gurus and an executive chef. In Asia Pacific, the candidates include:
• Arthur Mok, event manager, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
• Kate Abbott, customer experience manager, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
• Katie Tinetti, senior manager, innovation at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
• Sathyan Chandrasekhar, financial controller, International Convention Centre Sydney
• Dana Fish, senior business development manager, International Convention Centre Sydney.

They are joined by professionals from Oman, Scotland, South Africa, Hungary and Northern Ireland.

AIPC CEO, Sven Bossu said he was looking forward to supporting the next generation of CEOs to think and act like leaders over the eight-month course. “AIPC Future Shapers is an interactive roadmap towards excellence in convention centre management, requiring intense commitment and engagement of the participants and in return the candidates not only accelerate their leadership capabilities, they also have the opportunity to help shape the future of the AIPC Community," he said.

The Future Shapers programme features three main stages: expert-led masterclasses for education and collaboration, an industry challenge where participants have to collectively identify an industry challenge, create a proposed solution, and develop a business case for investment, which will be detailed in a white paper and published to the AIPC community and a challenge presentation. This includes the opportunity to pitch potential legacy solutions for the convention centre management industry to an audience of global leaders during the AIPC Annual Conference in Luxembourg, which takes place from 16 to 19 July 2023.

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