Planning for the future

Singapore MICE players share what they are doing in the circuit breaker period

MPI International's Vincent Yap expects new partnerships with virtual technology providers to grow. Credit: MPI International

SINGAPORE - The country's MICE sector is facing an extended circuit breaker period for another month till 1 June and MICE experts are pressing on with creative ways as they prepare for a new future.

EXPO AV-INSYNC managing director, Mr Gerard Rodrigues, is churning out proposals, quotations and communicating with clients through various video conferencing platforms.

He said: "We still continue to be part of the planning processes with our clients for projects that are taking place (for now) in Q3 & Q4 of 2020 and beyond. My team and I do a twice-weekly catch up session and update each other on work-related progress.

"Whilst just about every company is on work-from-home- mode, we have updated our company profile, working on a refreshed look for our website and looking into new business processes.

"The technical team cannot do much because their work is within the physical warehouse, so instead, they've volunteered some of their time in logistical solutions to the food delivery industry. We currently use the company's lorries to do daily food deliveries to the various dormitories around Singapore as part of our efforts to give back to those who are in need of help.

He said that many of his clients are still working on the projects that are slated for Q3/ Q4 2020 and are hoping the pandemic situation in Singapore ends by end July 2020.

He added: "Their concerns are just as great as ours and the burning questions are always: Will we get to survive through this period? Will our projects materialise in time? How long will our respective companies take to recover?"

Mr Vincent Yap, MPI International director, Strategic Marketing and Integrated Marketing Solutions, said that his company is pivoting towards providing virtual event solutions for clients and utilising technology to enable these meetings to continue driving the meetings ecosystem.

He expects new partnerships with virtual technology providers to grow as MICE companies look towards them to create a simulation of the real world in the digital space, so business can still proceed as usual and tradeshows and conferences can evolve in new space.

He said: "There will be a heightened urgency for museums, attractions and retail to transition into creating more 360 (degree) immersive environments in the virtual world to draw in a new generation of virtual audiences; many, like all of us, are already living actively in virtual worlds.

"The race to achieve normality through live events will be vital as the need for human interaction is insuppressible. The evolution of hybrid events will likely be the new normal with event strategies and processes pivoting quickly to extend the shelf life of the event, create new revenue opportunities and to enhance the engagement of audiences that have embraced virtual experiences."