How to Tell Your Brand's Story Better

Business in the modern age isn't about selling products and services; rather, it's about telling stories.

"The connection between stories and true customer engagement has been clear for ages, but science is only now beginning to explain why," says contributor Rhett Power. "While our unconscious brain processes most of what we think and do, it's not particularly great at statistical reasoning. In other words, using numbers to tell prospects what your brand brings to the table isn't nearly as effective as using a good narrative."

But not every story is a successful story. If you want to tell your brand's story effectively, you've got to choose the right strategy, according to Power. For example: Consider using visual aids.

"The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and … when instructions have illustrations, readers perform tasks 323 percent better than with written instructions alone," says Power, who sought advice from Carl Reed, chief creative officer of Lion Forge Labs. "His team recommends utilizing an art form designed explicitly for storytelling in order to get your message across."

For example, comics. "Comics are an excellent choice for visuals," Reed tells Power. "They are great for explaining abstract principles and are limited only by the imagination of the artists. Moreover, they convey a sense of approachability because they seem more fun and rough-hewn, less slick, and corporate."

Perhaps even more important than being visual is being emotional. "Emotion creates a much deeper and more lasting connection with your customers than a dry recitation of features and statistics," explains Power, who offers as an illustration the fact that using a cellphone while driving leads to more than 1.6 million crashes per year. "That's a huge figure, but it's unlikely to faze drivers who are browsing through their Spotify playlists in traffic. Now imagine telling those individuals a story about one single accident and how it resulted in a pedestrian death and drastically altered the life of the driver. It's not hard to determine which method will be more effective in getting them to put down their phones."

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