How to Remain Relevant on the 'New' Facebook

Stay relevant on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is messing with your marketing plan. In January, the tech titan announced major changes to Facebook's algorithms: Content posted by friends, family, and groups, he declared, would henceforth receive more visibility in users' News Feeds than content posted by businesses, brands, and media.

"The goal for these changes is to bring Facebook back to its original roots and objectives -- to focus on personal connections and encourage positive, active engagement," reports guest writer Manish Dudharejia.

But what does it mean for brands and businesses? "Truth be told, it's going to change the game quite a bit," Dudharejia continues. "Simply put, your content will no longer appear in News Feeds like you are accustomed to. The strategies that worked well in previous years are going to need a makeover."

Although it will be harder to make an impact on Facebook, it won't be impossible. "There are a number of useful tactics you can incorporate into your social media strategy to survive the latest update," explains Dudharejia, who said the best way to stay relevant on Facebook going forward is to use Facebook Live, Facebook's live video feature.

"It's no secret that Zuckerberg loves video content," Dudharejia says. "This format needs to play a huge role in your social media strategy moving forward. There is no way around it. Live video is a fantastic way to give your followers a raw look into your brand and the value you provide."

One video strategy that will keep you in users' feeds is "giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look into your operation," according to Dudharejia. "In the early days of Facebook Live, Dunkin' Donuts gave viewers a live peak into their kitchens and how their famous pastries are made," he says. "The engagement levels of this live stream blew every other video they produced out of the water."

Another idea: Host an "Ask Me Anything" session, or a live Q&A with an expert or influencer. "This is a phenomenal way to broadcast your wisdom while getting engagement in real time," says Dudharejia, who concludes: "If there is one thing that is blatantly clear with the direction Facebook is going, it's that live video is going to hold a lot of weight. You are wise to plan your strategy around this concept."

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