How to Make an Impression With a Creative Event Concept

Impress with creative concepts

If you want to attract new meeting attendees and retain existing ones, you'll need more than good food, an exciting destination, and an engaging agenda. According to Juraj Holub, marketing director and chief meeting designer for Slido, you also need a creative meeting format.

"As the demand for live experiences grows, so does the event planner's need for new, innovative event ideas that will impress clients and create meaningful moments for attendees," Holub, a speaker for Meeting Professionals International (MPI), writes on MPI's blog.

So what kind of formats will break the mold? Holub has several ideas. One, for example, is the "secret event."

"Secrets have always attracted people. That's what makes these events increasingly popular. The hush-hush instructions and unique, undisclosed locations intensify people's curiosity," Holub explains. "The venue is usually revealed shortly before the event starts to heighten expectations."

Or how about a "silent" conference?

"Have you heard about silent discos where attendees equipped with wireless headphones dance silently to one of the DJs playing?" Holub asks. "Motivated by positive audience acceptance, conference organizers have increasingly started incorporating wireless headphone technology into their conferences. The reason is simple: It solves some of the most common problems event organizers face -- lack of breakout space, lack of time, lack of attention, and lack of engagement."

You could even try a dedicated Q&A track.

"Who wouldn't want to hear their question addressed by a successful CEO or an influential thought leader? But packed conference agendas rarely leave enough time for Q&A," Holub concludes. "To boost the delegates' learning at a recent event, Startup Grind set up a separate stage focused mainly on Q&A. Following speaker presentations, the delegates submitted their questions … The speakers then answered the questions during 30-minute interactive 'Ask Me Anything' sessions."

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