How to Make an Announcement Your Customers Will Care About

Maybe you have a new product. Perhaps you're rolling out a new service. Or, it could be that you've entered into a new partnership, hired a new employee or entered a new market. Whatever it is, if you have big news, you're probably genuinely excited to share it with your customers.

Here's the thing, though: If you want your customers to actually care about your announcement, you shouldn't say so, according to contributing editor Geoffrey James.

"Hardly a day goes by that I don't receive at least one product announcement or press release that starts with a statement that the writer is 'excited' about something or other," explains James, who cites as examples announcements that read, "We are excited to share …," "We're really excited to tell you that our..." and, "We're excited to announce the latest version of..." "I think that people begin announcements with the word 'excited' because they're hoping that their excitement will prove contagious. But that won't ever happen."

The reason it won't happen, James says, is because consumers ultimately care about only one thing: themselves.

"To be effective, an announcement must be about customers and not about you, nor your company, nor your product," James explains. "Announcements that start with 'excited' are almost always a litany of stuff that's obviously important to the writer but probably of limited (or no) interest to the customer."

Instead of writing, "We're excited to announce the latest version of...," James says, consider writing, "We asked you what you wanted most. Now we're giving it to you."

"Remember: Customers are only interested in themselves," James concludes. "If you're not talking about them, they're bored."

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