How to Make Sure Your Luggage is First Off the Airplane

If you're trying to vanquish stress from your life, a good place to start is at the airport, which for frequent travelers can be a major source of anxiety.

From flight delays to security lines, there are numerous sources of stress at the airport. One of the most powerful, however, is definitely the luggage carousel. "There's nothing worse than waiting for ages at the luggage carousel while all the other passengers grab their bags and head out into the sun," says Caroline McGuire, digital travel editor at British newspaper The Sun.

McGuire says there are numerous things travelers can do to reduce their wait and expedite their luggage. One strategy, for example, is to mark your bags as "fragile."

"Picking up a free 'fragile' sticker from airport staff and slapping it on your bag can allegedly speed up your wait time," McGuire explains. "Often the fragile tagged luggage goes into the plane last and as a result, it comes onto the belt first."

Perhaps the most effective strategy, however, is arriving later for your flight. "Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts, so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart," McGuire reports. "If you're concerned about leaving it late to check in at the airport, there's now an app that lets you plan the amount of time needed to get through to the board gate comfortably. TripIt lets people check the size of the queues at security before they've even got to the airport."

If you use an app like TripIt, you should be able to arrive at the airport later than usual and still make it to your plane in plenty of time. The result: Less waiting at the gate, and -- probably -- less waiting at the luggage carousel.

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