How to Improve Your Email Clicks

Email marketing remains one of the most popular -- and most effective -- ways to promote a business to customers and prospects. There's just one problem with it: It's often hard to get people who read your emails to actually click on the links inside them.

Marketo Blog contributor Mike Madden has a solution: Write clear instead of clever subject lines.

"Clear usually beats clever because clear subject lines are more consistent with the body of your email, which accounts for higher raw clicks. No tricks, no clickbait, and no questions about what the email actually contains," Madden says. "In fact, clear subject lines receive 541 percent more clicks than clever ones, according to a study by AWeber Communications."

Examples of clever subject lines, according to Madden are are "You're not alone," "It's finally here," and "Still doing it the old way?" Examples of clear ones, on the other hand, are "9 Must-Try Email Subject Lines," "Your Winning Personalization Strategy," and "3 Steps to Winning Customer Loyalty."

"While emails with [clever] subject lines might be opened by your subscribers out of curiosity, more likely than not the links within won't be clicked on," Madden concludes. "While clear subject lines might not seem as sexy or luring, they work exceedingly well when your goal is to achieve higher click-through rates."

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