How to Conceive Meetings for Innovative Industries

Green energy. Virtual reality. Biotechnology. These are just a few of the many growing industries that exist on the cutting edge. If you plan meetings for these or similar sectors, you might feel like you're perpetually chasing your tail. After all, with technology advancing so rapidly, speakers and content quickly grow stale. So, how does one keep things fresh?

Consider the example of Medidata, a unified cloud-based platform designed to power clinical trial research. Since 2009, its annual Medidata NEXT Conference has been the premier forum where science and technology researchers convene to plan for the next generation of clinical research.

"As worthwhile as the event was for attendees, the annual single-destination format wasn't keeping pace with the needs of attendees who worked around the globe on projects where important developments could occur at any time of the year," reports Successful Meetings Editor in Chief Vincent Alonzo. "So in 2017, the company decided to give the event a radical makeover: Instead of one event, they would host a series of gatherings in cities around the world over a 10-month period."

The lesson: Innovative industries move quickly. An annual event in a single destination might not be enough to keep pace with new developments; to stay relevant, consider smaller, more frequent events that will mirror the fast and agile markets in which your attendees work.

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