How to Be More Productive When Working from Home

Work/life balance evades lots of people these days. It's especially elusive, however, for those who work from home. With no clear boundaries between them, "work life" and "home life" constantly invade one another's space.

To stop the hemorrhaging of one into the other, remote workers must find ways to kickstart their productivity, according to writer Nina Zipkin. Doing so, she says, will give them more time in their schedule so that they don't have to do work and life at the same time -- even if they happen to be doing them in the same place.

"Remote work certainly has its upsides, as you can set your own hours and tailor your workspace to your needs. But … it can be tough to focus and stay accountable," Zipkin says.

Her solution? Use your clothing and your workspace to create physical boundaries between work and home.

"Say no to sweatpants," Zipkin advises. "While we understand the inclination to be comfortable in the privacy of your own home, it could make you feel more relaxed during the work day than you intended if you opt for pajamas or sweatpants. Put on an outfit that makes you sit up a little straighter. That way you'll get in the frame of mind to put your best foot forward and do your best work."

Likewise with your workspace. "Create a defined workspace," Zipkin continues. "Pick a spot -- preferably not your bed -- where you will do all your work. It creates a routine and necessary boundaries."