How to Attract Millennial Employees With Thoughtful Benefits

Millennial benefits

Millennials can infuse your business with fresh ideas, energy, and attitude. But first, you have to attract them.

Although it definitely helps, the best way to do so isn't always to offer the highest salary. Oftentimes, it's to offer the best benefits. And no, that doesn't mean game rooms and catered lunches. While perks like that are definitely buzz-worthy, what millennials really want is a leg up, according to guest writer Scott Wylie, chairman and CEO of First Western.

"Young adults today, as a group, have it tougher than previous generations did when starting out. The burden of student loans is one big difference between the baby boomers and later generations. It creates anxiety for these newer employees, and it leads them to delay building wealth, buying a home, and saving for retirement," Wylie says. "Here's a thought: Help these men and women out. Companies have come up with a variety of potential solutions, including bonuses directed at student loan payments or making saving in other areas, such as 401(k)s, more attractive. It's not charity that I'm talking about. It's a recruitment and retainment tool. The companies that incentivize those employees by recognizing the challenges they face are going to do a better job of maintaining a happy, long-lasting workforce."

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