How to Amplify Positive Press Coverage

When your company gets mentioned positively in an article, on a blog, or on a television show, it's a big deal. Every good PR person knows, however, that a press mention is only the beginning; to turn positive press into new business, you need to amplify it once you've got it.

"Many companies spend enormous amounts of time and money on their PR effort but stop once that coverage is secured," says contributor Jonathan Long. "Simply being featured in the media isn't going to automatically generate new business, and more importantly, revenue."

To turn positive press into new revenue, Long recommends leveraging your email signature to promote it.

"Put a link to your most recent media coverage in your email signature," he suggests. "Think of how many emails you send every day. Include a link to your most recent press in your email signature. Every email you send now has potential to stir up some brand awareness. Don't forget your mobile email signature as well -- personally, more than 80 percent of my emails are sent from my tablet or mobile device because I'm constantly on the go."

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