Gauging the meetings industry during COVID-19

Northstar Meetings Group’s pulse surveys ascertains how meeting and event planners are managing the crisis

Your feedback will help the planner community understand what you and your colleagues are anticipating.

WORLDWIDE - Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northstar Meetings Group has engaged in pulse surveys to ascertain how meeting and event planners have been managing the crisis.

The dynamics of the crisis have changed, from how to manage cancelled and rescheduled events to the big question: what is the future of meetings and events in the era of COVID-19?

This week, Northstar Meetings Group initiates a new survey, one that we intend to repeat every other week, to gauge how planners' perceptions change as the world works through the crisis. How are you planning for when we will all be able to meet again? When will that be? What will that look like?

We invite your feedback to help the planner community understand what you and your colleagues are anticipating. Please complete this short survey. Submissions will remain anonymous; however, if you'd like a copy of the results before we publish them on our Coronavirus and Meetings microsite, please provide your email address at the end of the questionnaire and we'll send the results to you as soon as they've been compiled.

Rest assured, your answers will remain anonymous and contact information (if you choose to provide it) will remain completely confidential.

Thank you for your participation. Take the survey.

Previous survey results on March 31, 2020:
•    "As for working with hotels, all but one were easy and compromises were met on both sides," said one planner.
•    Another said finding dates was easy, but re-negotiating was hard: "Our hotels don't want to reduce liability for reschedules. We have scheduling conflicts with attendees and we anticipate a drop in attendance. There is also the fear factor of people not wanting to travel, or firms restricting business travel."
•    One planner already had an event in place for next year, so rescheduling was not an option: "It took extreme circumstances for the hotel to agree to allow us to cancel without penalty."
•    "Our biggest challenge is determining when we are comfortable hosting events in the future," said another planner.
•    The contract held firm for another planner. "We had to cancel outright with force majeure being enacted and accepted with no liability," they said.
•    And every experience is different. "It's been dependent on the property. Trying to postpone our May event, one hotel would require us to pay all the losses they would incur. We will keep trying to reason with them. On the other hand, for an event scheduled for July, our hotel is happy to work with us for a win-win," said another planner.
•    Going online continues to be an option: "We're not looking to postpone or reschedule. We're doing a condensed virtual format over the same dates that the live event was to happen."

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