Amex GBT debuts Meetings Marketplace platform for planners

Issa Jouaneh, SVP and GM, Amex GBT Meetings & Events.
Issa Jouaneh, SVP and GM, Amex GBT Meetings & Events.

American Express Global Business Travel Meetings & Events has launched The Meetings Marketplace, a new platform that will be home to a variety of vetted technology tools and solutions for planners. The Marketplace will include Amex proprietary solutions in addition to third-party products and services, aimed at covering a wide gamut of client needs and every part of the planning process.

Among the tech solutions offered in The Meetings Marketplace are back-end planning and sourcing, attendee management, app-building tools and post-event analytics. Clients using any of the solutions will receive support from dedicated Amex GBT M&E teams.

American Express GBT Meetings & Events vets every item on the platform, with careful consideration of the financial, compliance and security needs of their clients, according to the company. The technology on offer will all help to increase program efficiency and transparency, and improve the overall experience for both event managers and attendees.

Amex GBT M&E hopes to solve data-integration issues via The Meetings Marketplace as well. All data from the solutions offered flows into a central platform, eliminating the need on the customer side to first merge data in order to build reports. Support teams also play a consultatory role with clients, helping them to deploy an efficient combination of solutions that benefits their respective programs.

"The world of innovations and technology for meetings and events is full of possibilities, but complexity can be a challenge," said Issa Jouaneh, senior vice president and general manager of American Express GBT Meetings & Events. "Our goal is always to simplify the process, connecting the dots between our clients' needs and the solutions and partners that address those needs, aligned with our rigorous service and compliance standards. We debut The Meeting Marketplace with the confidence that it will expand our ability to meet the evolving needs of our clients."

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