What’s in store for the pharma-med industry in 2022?

From Covid-19 to digital innovations to robotics, there’s plenty for events to focus on within the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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The pharmaceutical and medical industries have been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic in recent months, which has had a profound effect on everyday working practices in the sector. Vaccines that would normally take years to develop and be approved have been given the green light in a fraction of that time, while healthcare professionals worldwide have had to adapt to remote consultations, and many routine interventions have been postponed.

As the sector recovers post-pandemic, research into the prevention of diseases such as Covid-19 will continue, while the focus is also shifting towards digital healthcare solutions. Consulting firm PWC says new technologies and emerging trends such as robotics and artificial intelligence are having a growing impact. 

AI can help by rapidly processing data, and identifying potential treatment options, while robotics can carry out some of the sector's more mundane tasks, giving healthcare professionals the chance to spend valuable time with patients. PWC also says there will be a greater emphasis on prevention rather than cure.

Findings from McKinsey, meanwhile, released last July, outline how rapid healthcare change within Asia Pacific is being driven by shifting demographics, rising consumer expectations and technological innovations. It says that consumers are spending more on health and wellness and increasingly demanding access to convenient, affordable care.

On the horizon

Upcoming events in Asia include the 24th Asia Pharma Congress, taking place in Singapore from 24-25 March, and focusing on the future outlook and growth of Covid-19 pharmaceutical research. Topics include regulatory affairs and international property rights, nanotechnology and clinical trends and research. 

Two further events in Singapore include the 12th World Congress on Healthcare, from 20-21 June, and Medical Fair Asia from 23 August to 2 September, which will showcase the latest medical supplies, while conference topics will cover the future of pain medicine and risk mitigation strategies. 

In Japan, the 6th International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics will be held in Kyoto from 13-15 May, while Hong Kong will host the World Congress on Advanced Pharmacy and Clinical Research, taking place on 6 March.

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