Meet Me at Bali: Why It’s The New Meetings Ground For Planners

A perfect evening combining a blend of nature, fun and chic settings into one – such as Mulia Bali converting a lake into an event stage – is fast becoming a must at corporate meets.
A perfect evening combining a blend of nature, fun and chic settings into one – such as Mulia Bali converting a lake into an event stage – is fast becoming a must at corporate meets.

Having the right destination and venue is imperative for the success and satisfaction of any corporate event. While the traditional ballroom and buffet line setup used to suffice, today's global experiential business traveller demands freshness in the location and ingenuity in a venue's overall aesthetics, intuitive service and creatively themed bonding events.



1. Resort chic, global reach

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Mulia Bali offers events planners an inviting mix of beach and boutique chic, the resort also fully equipped with MICE amenities to match any meeting needs.

Already an iconic holiday destination with its teeming nightlife, yoga retreats and paddy fields, Bali is gaining popularity with business makers, as seen from the mega events the sun-soaked island has hosted, which include international events from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, APEC Summit, to the recent International Monetary Fund 2018 with over 20,000 global participants.

Planning a business and leisure programme has gotten easier than ever as more hospitality brands are finding ways to mesh fun with work. For groups that wish to escape the swarming crowds of Seminyak and tourists lining the pretty paddy terraces of Ubud, they can head south towards Nusa Dua. A popular option is luxury hotel The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas - Nusa Dua, Bali, offering 1km of pristine beachfront access but with more privacy, plus multiple pools that are either steps away to the beach or show off views of the Indian Ocean.

2. Pushing the edge of creativity

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It's all about delivering the unexpected in lavish ways at Mulia Bali, such as its Grand Ballroom - where its circular walls double up as a projection screen to ingeniously bring the outdoors in.

Business planners and attendees are increasingly opting for seminars and events that deliver a good mix of corporate with fun. In Bali, with pristine beaches and paddy fields already in abundance, what Mulia Bali did was to find a way to bring all that natural beauty in.

Boasting one of the largest and most luxurious convention centres in Bali, its Grand Ballroom for instance can accommodate up to 2,000 people in a cocktail setting, but to up the oomph factor - its circular walls connect to double as a projection screen, special lighting drafted to then beam the hotel's iconic Oasis Pool up as backdrop.

Even garden gatherings are not quite as expected, because instead of mingling amongst greenery or at the beach, Mulia Bali ushers guests into a chic glass tent so the party goes on in comfort and even in the rain, without ever losing views of the mesmerising Indian Ocean.

3. Always something fresh

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Expect nothing less than lavish when it comes to pleasing palates, cultural curiosities, and even social extravaganzas - such as RAPTURE, a relaxed summer party followed by a gala dinner within a glass-tented ballroom.

Food is a lavish affair for the Balinese, since Indonesia comprises thousands of islands with different cultures, resulting in food that's just as diverse. At Mulia Bali, nine restaurants, bars and loungers cater to every possible palate, prepared by a culinary team with stellar international experience to match. Some planners have even opted for a "dine around the world" experience for their teams, the hotel also happy to plan optional excursions for cultural and foodie immersions.

But freshness also goes beyond food.

In 2018,  Mulia Bali transformed their beach for RAPTURE - an extravagant summer party, followed by a gala dinner housed within a 'ballroom' made of glass tents at the beachfront garden. At the star studded dinner reception, VIP guests were treated not just to the conventional world-class entertainment of a band - but also a lavish décor and fine cuisine. Global talents who have performed here include Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, One Direction's Liam Payne, renowned deejay Mark Ronson, as well as Sébastian Izambard of Il Divo.

4. Self-sustained, service oriented ecosystem

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Everything's easily within reach at the Mulia Bali - from your room to the ballrooms, meeting spaces, restaurants and outdoor facilities, including 1km of pristine beachfront access.

With plenty of agenda to cover yet limited time and resources, a self-sustained environment goes a long way for corporate groups' goals and wallets. The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas - Nusa Dua, Bali is the only resort on the island boasting three different accommodation types to match every budget, its huge grounds naturally also delivering multiple events venues including two ballrooms and 15 individual conference venues that host up to 5,000 guests. Designed with guests' comfort in mind, all facilities including the ballrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, and outdoor facilities are conveniently accessible from one another.

On ground at events, a dedicated operations team is always on standby and intuitive to guests' needs. To add value to the mix, Mulia Bali's fitness instructors are also trained to help customise team-building programmes around the resort, which not only includes the use of a state-of-the-art fitness centre, but also challenges participants with problem-solving, strategic thinking and physical training activities all at once.

5. A holistic touch

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A haven of calm awaits at Mulia Bali's Ice Room - Asia Pacific's first - as well as wellness programmes and bespoke culinary offerings for guests' specific needs.

Wellness is the new hook, as travellers specifically seek destinations that offer healthier, wholesome vacations.

Mulia Bali offers participants access to the resort's wellness suites - luxuriously fitted with a Finnish sauna, chromotherapy steam room, Asia Pacific's first Ice Room and specialised hydrotonic pools before proceeding for an indulgent massage. For planners who wish to pamper, a full-day wellness programme is also available, inclusive of recommended balanced meal planning.

Apart from updating their treatments and fitness programme to keep up with trends, culinary offerings are also developed to address special dietary requirements. Today, the boutique resort offers gluten-free dishes, vegan options and more - because, who could say no to a healthier version of dessert so they may still indulge without the guilt?


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This article is brought to you by The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas - Nusa Dua, Bali.

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