How to stretch your event dollar

Tap into meeting programmes that offer flexible rewards and transparency


With hotels continuing to invest and revamp meeting programmes, planners can expect that incentives and benefits will continue to be a crucial consideration in the event planning process.

International hospitality groups are catering their offerings from creative partnerships with lifestyle brands and niche interests to localised experiences to attract meeting planners who bring in big ticket events and room nights.

This has also prompted hotels to offer greater flexibility and ease of redemption in their meeting programmes, with a comprehensive menu of benefits and incentives to best suit the event needs of planners.

Here are a few key considerations when selecting a trustworthy hotel chain:

It's not about size

Flexible benefits and rewards offered by loyalty programmes are more important than opting to work with hotel groups with the largest global network. (Credit: Getty Images)

Not all programmes are created equal. Meeting planners should be clear on their event priorities and work with a hotel group that best fits their requirements, whether it is about maximising your event spend with better perks and upgrades or adding unique local experiences for your delegates.

It may not always be the most important to choose hotel groups with the largest global network. Medium-sized chains and boutique brands could offer a better proposition, especially for planners with events concentrated in a particular region.

Consider these compelling reasons to work with international hotel chain Millennium Hotels & Resorts. The chain is known for its wide array of meetings facilities and established network of hotels across Southeast Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

What further sets the chain apart is its four unique hotel collections that each have their own personality and style. From the elegant properties of its flagship Millennium Collection to the vibrant lifestyle feel of M Collection hotels, storied heritage properties under the Leng's Collection to quality service and great value of its Copthorne Collection, planners have a broad base of options to host their next event.

Keeping it simple

From room upgrades to thoughtful event perks, meeting programmes can go a long way in instantly enhancing your event experience. (Credit: Getty Images)

Meeting programmes with a clear menu of rewards are helpful for planners of boutique events to mega events as they offer greater transparency in the accruing and redemption of benefits.

Millennium's corporate bookers programme, My Millennium Pro, doesn't just offer planners easy access to the group's versatile and striking events spaces. Its Meet With More global meetings campaign is designed to offer planners a host of tangible and thoughtful benefits that can be used to instantly enhance their event experience or redeemed for other gifts and value-added benefits.

Planners can choose to tap on a toolkit of complimentary benefits that can be tailored to meet specific event needs.

These include perks such as room nights and upgrades to event rebates, discounts on food and beverage spent to coffee service and Wi-Fi. Corporate planners will have the opportunity to earn double points. Points earned are used to redeem over 100 gifts and vouchers and in-hotel perks like room upgrades and more.

Meet like a local

Properties that offer immersive culinary experiences such as this in-room kit of traditional Singaporean snacks and sweets can add local flair to your event. (Credit: Millennium Hotels & Resorts)

Beyond the meetings hardware and incentives, soft experiences that thread through the meeting experience are a key differentiating factor.

Planners can easily incorporate curated touches and experiences that showcase the authenticity and soul of a destination.

Think immersive culinary experiences from an in-room 'Live Like a Local Survival Kit' packed with traditional snacks and sweets at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore to the spice-based welcome cocktails of Orchard Hotel Singapore, which pay tribute to the area's rich plantation past.

At M Hotel Singapore, planners send delegates on a time-travelling culinary journey with a spread that features food from the 1960s to today's modern fusion flavours.

Planners can connect their groups to Singapore's Peranakan heritage at Copthorne King's Hotel. The immersive experience includes Peranakan kebaya overlays adorning the tables to treats such as mini kaya jars, bottled traditional buah long long drinks during in-room turn down service and traditional Nyonya Kueh-making workshop by the hotel's chef.

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