How to keep your next luxury event truly exclusive

Redefine luxury events with one-of-a-kind venues, tasteful furnishings and a fine epicurean feast.
Redefine luxury events with one-of-a-kind venues, tasteful furnishings and a fine epicurean feast.

The golden era of high society events may be over, but its glamorous legacy still lives on. Today, organising a luxury meeting or event presents planners with the chance to flex their creativity to inspire the same awe and exclusivity, from securing one-of-a-kind venues to tasteful statement furnishings and creating a fine epicurean feast.

Adding to the challenge is the task of impressing a new generation of tastemakers who care not for traditional, showy displays of luxury-think formal gilded walls and elaborate chandeliers-but seek authentic and unique experiences.

Here are six considerations to help you put together your event:

Get to know your audience

Do the necessary legwork to find out the purpose of the event and the guests who will be attending. While obvious enough, it takes time and effort to understand your guests, which in turn will help you unlock insights into what would make your guests feel special.

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Tie your event together with chic themes. (Credit: Mike Schneider/Getty Images)

This could mean the difference between the right resources and theme that ties your event together-such as a chic Dîner En Blanc, bold food-art installation or futuristic augmented reality showcase-and a total washout.

Setting the mood

The minute your guests arrive and take in the sights, the mood for your event has already been set--so make it a grand statement. Consider choosing a venue that can offer your guests total privacy to ease into the event, whether it is a relaxed evening networking function or a high-octane product launch.

1 Carolines Mansion_Entrance190313
Invite only: whisk guests through a private entrance to Caroline's Mansion, a standalone events venue.

For intimate events, The St. Regis Singapore's newly-opened standalone event venue, Caroline's Mansion in the heart of town will whisk guests through a private entrance by the hotel's driveway. Behind towering mahogany double doors, guests will be ushered by butlers into a private foyer area that lends the air of a stately residence.

Modern legacy

Hotel ballroom interiors can often be plush but impersonal spaces. Consider how you can bring natural light and elegance through cool, understated interiors that don't divert the focus from your event.

2 Carolines Mansion_Foyer190313
Steer away from conventional hotel ballrooms with lofty, modern interiors with plenty of natural light.

Setting it apart from conventional hotel ballrooms, consider repurposed venues that have unique elements to elevate your event. In its former life, Caroline's Mansion was originally an indoor tennis court. Thanks to its existing height, you can expect natural-lit, modern interiors, from minimalist custom-made glass pendant chandeliers to bevelled glass arched portals and brass wall sconces under a lofty nine-metre-tall ceiling.

Flexible configurations

Make the right moves with your venue space and your guests may not even notice the transition through the event's several programmes and components. New innovative fittings such as sky fold walls that can be retracted at a touch of a button will ensure there is minimal intrusion during the event.

3 Carolines Mansion_Weddings190312
Venues equipped with skyfold walls can help maximise the use of long venues.

A long venue, such as the 262-sqm ballroom of Caroline's Mansion can be sectioned into three separate spaces that give planners room to create two setups at opposite ends of the space, with a connecting salon in the middle as the focal point.

Each section is self-contained, each with two retractable projection screens at each side of the room as well as elevated projectors, chandeliers and perimeter LED lights that are tucked within a two-metre alcove. Events planners can take control of the room settings anytime via nifty iPads.

Creating a gastronomic journey

Beyond the prestige of Michelin-starred dining, guests are looking to be impressed in more creative ways.

4 LaBrezza_Carnaroli190312
Up the ante by pairing renowned chefs to create a special four hands menu for guests.

One way to make food an interactive experience can involve setting up an "edible garden" manned by chefs, who can tell the story behind the food, from its sourcing to preparation and presentation. Or up the ante by pairing two renowned chefs to create a special four-hand dinner for guests, which can spark unexpected and unique fusion cuisine that your guests won't be able to buy at a restaurant.

Lending the personal touch

St. Regis Butler Service 190222
Ensure your guests need are well-attended by a personal butler.

High-end events demand the finest attention to detail and top-notch service. Pick venues that can ensure your guests' needs are well-attended to by a personal butler, such as St. Regis' Butler Service, which is available round the clock.


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