Hotel websites vs online travel agencies

These two groups continue to jostle for position when it comes to the total booking revenue for properties

Hotel websites remain among the top four channels.

SiteMinder's annual look at where bookings come from reveals that direct bookings via a hotel website are holding on to their position in the top five in rankings, or have climbed year-over-year.

SiteMinder, a leading global hotel industry guest acquisition platform, revealed its annual lists of the distribution channels that brought the highest booking revenue to hotels over the past year. The report, which delves into 20 top tourism markets including the UK and the US showed for the most part that is driving the most revenue to hotels, with Expedia second and hotel websites coming in third.

Further findings in the report show the emergence of Airbnb in six markets for the first time despite the company only launching its hotel distribution partnership less than two years ago.

Mr James Bishop, senior director of global demand partnerships for SiteMinder, cites the rise of Airbnb as evidence of the industry's willingness to adopting it as a partner as well as the platform's evolution in the minds of users.

Mr Bishop said: "Encouragingly, direct online reservations continue to contribute strongly to hotel revenue globally, with hotel websites remaining among the top four channels in the majority of markets and, in many instances, jumping up the ranks.

"It is clear that hoteliers are actively seeking to drive direct bookings, through greater knowledge and innovation, as well as investments in metasearch."

The company said its platform processed 105 million online bookings in 2019 bringing its hotel customers $35 billion in revenue.

The top 5 hotel booking channels, based on total gross revenue:

Top channels for the UK:
2.    Expedia Group
3.    Hotel websites (direct bookings)
4.    Global distribution systems
5.    Agoda

Top channels for the US:
1.    Expedia Group
3.    Hotel websites (direct bookings)
4.    Agoda
5.    Hotelbeds

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