Savvy Planners’ Guide: 5 Things To Look Out For In Your Next Meeting Venue

Planners often have plenty to consider when it comes to finding the perfect event venue - whether it is of the right size and if it ties in with the client's desired theme. To help navigate the intricacies of the planning process, we've rounded up five essential points that should be at the top of any planner's checklist:

1. Does the venue offer flexibility?

Meeting spaces of varied sizes can cater to all kinds of events, big or small (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, size is a top priority, but it's not that simple. Those with too much open space can give events an impersonal feel while compact venues can make events feel crowded. Planners can avoid both scenarios by selecting a venue that has a wide variety of meeting rooms and spaces that can be tailored to unique event requirements. Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel      offers just that - with over 150,000 square feet of meeting spaces, the hotel is able to accommodate any event from intimate to immense. Thirteen meeting venues accompany a vast outdoor pool deck, which is an ideal setting for VIP cocktails. At over 52,000 square feet, the expansive Kashgar Grand Ballroom sets the mood for large-scale yet elegant events with its soaring ceilings and decor designed to mimic the Silk Route.

Look for outdoor venues that offer captivating views of the local surroundings (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

2. Does the venue add flair? 

Jazz up your event by incorporating a theme to keep delegates entertained.  (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

Incorporating a theme is a great way to spice things up, but themed events often require a lot of planning. Save valuable time by choosing a venue with an existing range of themed events on offer. At Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, consider the Macao Fiesta Theme, which features the best of Macau's unique culture and heritage.
For a dazzling outdoor affair, select Sliver Light Theme, which takes place on the spacious private pool deck that affords a priceless view of the Cotai Strip. Here, stilt walkers, saxophonists and other talented entertainers entertain guests under a stunning kaleidoscope of silver lights. Furthermore, the hotel supplies everything from customised food stations to intricate decorations and entertainment options. 

3. Does the venue energise attendees?

Airy, well-lit spaces are great for keeping attendees awake and attentive.  (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

The last thing any planner wants is to have delegates feeling tired and stuffy - an unwelcome side effect of unnaturally lit spaces with no windows. Remedy the situation by booking a venue that works with natural light to boost morale and lift moods. As the only hotel located on Macau's Cotai Strip that offers natural daylight, meeting rooms at The St. Regis Macao are light and airy.  On top of offering a welcoming natural light during the day, the spaces act as great viewing spots for attendees to enjoy the sights of the Cotai Strip in the evening. 

4. Are the services on par with the venue?

Make sure that VIP clients receive VIP treatment.  (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

High-end events demand top-notched amenities to match, and it doesn't get more upscale than having your own personal butler. With its signature St. Regis Butler Service that provides round-the-clock attention, The St. Regis Macao offers valued guests the pinnacle of personalised services. The St. Regis Butlers pride themselves on bespoke offerings including packing and unpacking of luggage, garment pressing and a beverage service upon arrival.

These services not only add a touch of elegance but also offer delegates the chance to save valuable time, allowing them to get straight down to the matter at hand. 

5. Does it come with perks?

Get the most out of your meeting by shopping around for special packages and promotions.  (Credit: Sheraton Grand Macao)

Savvy planners are always on the lookout for a good deal. Promotions and packages keep prices competitive and can offer a huge savings on your overall budget. The "Smart Meetings Offer"         allows you to enjoy more benefits when you book more. When planners book events at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel and The St. Regis Macao, they can select from a range of perks including 5% off the master bill, complimentary rooms and upgrades, 20% off audio-visual equipment rental, 50% off ferry tickets and 50% off entertainment.

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