The latest F&B trends being served up in the event industry

Sustainability, vegan dishes and brain breaks are the top orders of the day.

An appetiser featuring the flavours of Thailand's four regions will be showcased at APEC Summit in Bangkok.
An appetiser featuring the flavours of Thailand's four regions will be showcased at APEC Summit in Bangkok.

From hotels to destinations, players across the MICE sector are thinking out of the box and boosting their attractiveness for business events with innovative food and beverage offerings.

Sustainable Thai gastronomy

This year’s APEC Summit, taking place in Bangkok from 14-19 November, is showcasing ‘future food’ for delegates, with dishes themed along the event’s ‘Open. Connect. Balance’ message.

Chef Chumpol Jangprai, a sustainable food ambassador for the FeedUP@UN platform, which aims to stop food waste, has created a special menu for a gala dinner taking place this week on 18 November.

There will be local dishes from different regions in Thailand, with the menu featuring a salad with nine organic vegetables grown by community enterprises in different parts of the country, plant options including jackfruit and different types of mushrooms. There will also be lobsters, duck eggs, river prawns and organic chicken.

Vegan food tours

Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) recently hosted a fam trip with attendees from the US, with all meals showcasing the destination’s variety of vegan fare with a focus on its ‘temple cuisine’.

Guests enjoyed dishes featuring fruits, vegetables, roots and leaves as they travelled around the country, visiting a range of destinations including Yeosu, Busan, Gyeongju and Seoul.

“South Korea is known for amazing food, rich culture, history, and friendly people. Recognising that vegan food and temple cuisine are often overlooked, KTO organised a special fam trip for selected vegan travel providers to experience first-hand all that Korea has to offer to the vegan traveller,” said Jaesok Park, executive director at the Korea Tourism Organization, New York Office.

‘Brain breaks’ at Hilton Singapore Orchard

The hotel unveiled the Smart Oasis meeting space unveiled in September, offering customisable catering options. Delegates can opt for a power breakfast to ‘brain breaks’ fuelled by energy-intensive superfoods.

The hotel’s catering team can also customise menus based on dietary requirements and prioritises fresh, locally sourced produce. A ‘butler’s pantry’ is also available, stocked with homemade beverages and healthy snacks which attendees can help themselves to throughout the day.