Halal catering finds its new artisanal flair

The modern black accent theme at Rasel Catering Singapore’s launch event.
The modern black accent theme at Rasel Catering Singapore’s launch event.

Modern recreations of local halal favourites with themed, eye-catching decor is making halal catering a new and bolder experience. 

Halal catering company Rasel Catering Singapore has expanded with the addition of a new kitchen team that will introduce a new range of menus that offer more artistic creations for meetings and events.

Goreng Pisang 190305Bringing an old-time favourite into the present: the 21st Century Goreng Pisang.

Highlights of the new menu include local dishes with a modern spin, such as goreng pisang and soya beancurd, created using modern culinary techniques such as spherification. 

The company has also brought on board Executive Chef Boey Min Hwa, who was part of the award-winning Singapore National Culinary Team, to helm Rasel's kitchen.

Speaking at a launch event last week, Rasel Catering Singapore's co-founder and managing director, Alan Tan said: "We observe the worldly palates of today's customers and need for up-scale halal food. Service today means augmenting not only the taste of a dish and look of a buffet but also sharing our expertise to add value throughout the entire service experience for our customers."

Beyond the kitchen, the company is also improving the food service experience by introducing new digital solutions. At large corporate events, guests can use a new digital solution to avoid queues by placing their food orders using their mobile phones. Using iBox, guests only need to key in a given event code to retrieve their meal. 

"From the scale of the occasion, to overcoming the design challenges of the chosen venue and expectations of their families or superiors, our customers can expect the full spectrum of halal service solutions which is Rasel's new hallmark," said Chris Loh, co-Founder and creative director, Rasel Catering Singapore.

The company has also expanded its range of catering options, with a lower-priced option, Simply Buffet. 

Chef Hwa said, "Halal food isn't just Mee Siam or Mee Rebus. Singapore is culture-rich and taste buds here are accustomed to all sorts of flavours. I belong to the crossover generation and so I understand the changing demands of baby-boomers as much as Xennials (born between the late 1970s and early 1980s). It excites me to craft old favourites as new creations and present it to delight our customers who are looking for something original to surprise their guests at their events."

Rasel Catering Singapore was first established in 1997. In 2015, it expanded its presence in Singapore with the acquisition of boutique caterer Purple Sage. 

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