Yokohama to host 10 international conventions in 2020

Japanese city has ample opportunity to showcase Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama

Yokohama will be hosting 10 major international conventions with more than 1,000 attendees each.

YOKOHAMA - The Japanese city of Yokohama has announced that it will host 10 major international conventions this year, with each event attracting more than 1,000 participants.

Among the events coming in 2020 are the 29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the International Spinal Cord Society Annual Scientific Meeting and 22nd World Meeting of the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

The successful bids came following much collaboration - through public subsidies and other support measures - among the City of Yokohama, the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (PACIFICO Yokohama) to attract international conventions to Yokohama.

The Minato Mirai 21 district will further enhance its MICE functions with the successive openings of PACIFICO Yokohama North, hotels and concert venues, said an announcement from the City of Yokohama.

The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau said it will continue proactive promotion activities "targeting medium- and large-scale international conventions and medical conventions, which have strong economic synergies, as well as conventions on IoT and other growing areas".

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