TAIWAN MICE TALK hosts international buyers

The hybrid event was an invitation-only affair exclusively for international buyers to discover Taiwan’s latest MICE offerings.

Director of MEET TAIWAN, Rosa Liu (left), with co-hosts Sophia and Ethan, welcoming guests at TAIWAN MICE TALK. Photo Credit: MEET TAIWAN

TAIWAN MICE TALK, a hybrid tabletop event which connects buyers and sellers with one-on-one meetings, engaged a record 100 international buyers with Taiwan’s latest MICE offerings on 27 June 2023. 

The hybrid event, conducted in English, was an invitation-only affair exclusively for international buyers and planners to acquire updated knowledge of Taiwan’s versatile selection of MICE products and services. 

With the programme orientated towards a TV news broadcast-cum-talk show genre, participation engagement was maximised as the hosts led the introductions to MEET TAIWAN speakers and MICE presentations which included fun quizzes and lucky draws.

Co-hosts engaging the audience in a newsroom setting.
Co-hosts engaging the audience in a newsroom setting.

The audience saw how convention and exhibition venues have undergone upgrades in 5G and technology and which new venues are being planned and constructed, such as Taoyuan Exhibition Center, which is expected to open next year. 

Rosa Liu, director of MEET TAIWAN, said: “This year, MEET TAIWAN has embraced the theme of 'Open Arms', symbolising Taiwan's genuine warmth and exceptional hospitality. This theme aims to convey a powerful message to all of you and to the world, emphasising that Taiwan is fully prepared and eager to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe. 

“Whether it's open borders, open-minded approaches, boundless creativity, or beyond, Taiwan embodies these qualities. With open arms, we extend a warm invitation to all, inviting you to open your eyes, open your nose and mouth, open your ears, and open your heart to explore Taiwan.” 

In 2023, Taiwan is hosting more than 581 conferences, exhibitions, and other events. This year, MEET TAIWAN's new 'Open Arms' theme declares to the world that it has fully deployed its hardware, software, and related support measures in its exhibition industry, and welcomes everyone to come to Taiwan to experience its unique exhibitions. The 'Open Arms' logo aims to convey warmth and enthusiasm and plays a significant role in marketing Taiwan. 

Taiwan has chosen a distinct approach where the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) takes on the role of promoting and overseeing the MICE industry. It demonstrates a strategic focus on economic development and long-term growth. By adopting a cohesive approach and aligning venue construction and industry chains, Taiwan aims to position itself as a premier MICE destination. 

Over 26 of Taiwan’s leading MICE suppliers, from exhibition and convention venues, DMCs, PCOs, and hotels, converged at Taipei International Convention Center, while 100 buyers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and United Kingdom attended the online presentation. After the presentation, 30 pre-selected buyers met over one-on-one appointment sessions during the virtual tabletop and conducted more than 130 appointments.

Suppliers introducing themselves at Taipei International Convention Center.
Suppliers introducing themselves at Taipei International Convention Center.

Some quick takeaway points that the audience heard:

Taiwan’s 7 international-standard venues are:

  • Taipei World Trade Center
  • Taipei International Convention Center
  • Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
  • Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2
  • Taoyuan Exhibition Center (opening by 2024)
  • International Convention Center Tainan - its rooftop is equipped with a solar panel power generation system. Additionally, through the use of landscaping and energy-saving air conditioning, the entire venue can reduce its electricity consumption by 35% annually
  • Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

Green MICE

To promote sustainable exhibitions and conferences, industry leaders are:

  • encouraging attendees to use public transportation
  • sourcing for local produce
  • avoiding disposable tableware for conference refreshments
  • and using LED lighting instead of stage backdrops

Buyer response

The hybrid tabletop event, with a focus on driving new business and forging long-term partnerships, produced fruitful connections between buyers and sellers. 

Zoe Montenegro, senior manager of global meetings and events, Baker McKenzie Global Services Manila, said: “It’s really great to see Taiwan opening up to the world once again. I’ve had great meetings during the one-on-one appointments with different sellers across Taiwan. The theme, MEET TAIWAN with Open Arms, has such great recall and now we will be able to experience Taiwan with all our senses – with open eyes (to see all the great sites that Taiwan has to offer), with open ears (to hear the bustling cities of Taiwan be alive again), with open mouth (to taste the delicacies and great food options in Taiwan) and with open hearts (to experience everyone’s love for Taiwan as a destination full of opportunities and explore the country seeing genuine warmth and hospitality from its people and industry partners). 

“It’s also refreshing to know that Taiwan has its sustainable initiatives, particularly in carbon reduction which is a key thing for our firm when doing business with our partners in the industry. Excellent job to those behind the promotion of the MICE industry. I look forward to connecting with the people I spoke to today and to receiving more information on Taiwan.”

Viewer screenshot of co-hosts announcing the winner for a free hotel room at ILLUME Taipei.
Viewer screenshot of co-hosts announcing the winner for a free hotel room at ILLUME Taipei.

‌Debbie Au Yeung, senior project co-ordinator of mdgroup, said: “Thanks for the wonderful meeting! The meeting met my expectations extremely well, and it was lovely to meet with the suppliers in Taipei, Taiwan.” 

Another buyer, Smile Holiday’s Bambang Hartono, who has attended previous MEET TAIWAN hybrid events, was pleased to discover new updates in Taiwan. He said: “I am aiming to get connected with suppliers to restart bringing corporate groups to the country now that the pandemic is over.” In the past, his groups would stay at least five days in Taipei and surrounds, he said. 

The complimentary event was co-hosted by MEET TAIWAN together with M&C Asia and Northstar Meeting Group.