Rise of the Phoenix

Mobile World Congress delegates who still wish to head to Barcelona can attend a new networking event

Barcelona welcomes a mini networking version of MWC.

BARCELONA - The cancellation of Mobile World Congress (MWC), the mobile industry's largest event of the year, which was scheduled to take place from February 24 to 27, 2020, has spurred one event organiser to organise a smaller gathering for those who are still headed to Barcelona.

MWC typically draws around 100,000 attendees to Barcelona each year, but the event was called off after a handful of sponsors pulled out. MWC attendees, however, do not have cancel their trip as a new event has cropped up in its place. The Silver Telegram, an LA-based technology PR agency, will be hosting a three-day networking series for those who had planned to attend MWC and still want to head to Spain.

The Phoenix Events will take place across three co-working spaces in Barcelona from February 25 to 27, 2020, with free registration for those who had signed up for the MWC. Each session can hold about 100 people.

"After the announcement last week, I spoke with several attendees who were left with few alternatives and little time to change their travel plans for what is usually one of the biggest events of their year," said Ms Ronjini Joshua, CEO and founder of the Silver Telegram, in a statement.

"I saw this opportunity to create something, Barcelona's co-working community came together very quickly to offer spaces, and we are excited for everyone to see what the city has to offer."

This is an abridged version of an article that first appeared in Northstar Meetings Group.

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