Putting heads together

Tracking delegates. On-ground delegate experience. Customer relationship management. Event planning. Manpower and sustainability. These were the topics put up for discussion at a Singapore MICE Forum (SMF) 2018 session on MICE Innovation Challenge.

Held at The Arts House on July 24, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) curated a brainstorming session that had attendees playing musical chairs while addressing problem statements faced by the MICE industry. 

Jeannie Lim, executive director, STB shared that the challenge began this year by identifying problem statements and clarifying the pain points. It will be followed by proposal pitching and showcasing by solution providers. With these proposal submissions, Lim looks forward to the evaluation process whereby funding will be given to successful contenders to facilitate prototype development. 

One of the key concerns was that of "Creating post-event value to delegates". Currently, delegates are not sufficiently engaged in between events and do not fully benefit from any post-event value. This may dampen and limit the impact of a delegate's takeaway from a conference as they may not recall the majority of the content that was absorbed during sessions. Organisers that do have some form of engagement face the problem of having their communication - mainly emails - going into the spam box. 

Another challenge faced by organisers and planners is that of "Creating unique and seamless experiences". How can they increase the engagement level with delegates and create a more unique and seamless experience? 

Location places restrictions on planners as there may not be unique cultural experiences or attractions near the event venue due to varied group sizes and timings. 

Budget is a bugbear that takes the oomph out of the wow factor. Creativity then has to be called to the frontline to battle the demons of experience fatigue and delegate expectations - especially those who have "been there and done that". 

This raises the bar for planners. They face increased demand for customised delegate experiences that is time consuming to plan and costly as well. 

These concerns and expectations will continue to be addressed by the MICE industry, and from the looks of it, SMF 2018 has powered a live wire of ideas and proactive measures to run through the community and to enforce change.

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