Knoxx bearing with downturn through virtual events

The two-year old events management company is reinventing itself with new digital offerings

Knoxx's Lim Jit Song: adapting during lean times. Credit: Knoxx

SINGAPORE - Event management company, Knoxx Pte Ltd, is launching digital events as a way to survive the pandemic.  Formed two years ago and helmed by GM, Mr Lim Jit Song, business was looking very rosy back in February, with a full events calendar from March to June, but things took a turn for the worst and events started to get postponed or cancelled when COVID-19 struck.

Said Mr Lim: "Things were very uncertain at that time. There was some prep work already on-going for some events and we did not know whether or not to continue with them or to take a back seat then.

"Ultimately, some shows were then postponed to Q2/Q3; however recently, things didn't seem to improve at all, hence these events were then further postponed to either Q4 or to year 2021.

"With the increased restrictions placed on overseas travels, clients started to enquire on the possibility of converting their events to virtual ones, exploring virtual conferences and exhibitions so that their attendees can access the events in the comfort of their homes or in their respective countries.

"That being said, many local companies are also looking into virtual events for their internal staff as most of them are working from home and that is probably their best way out.

"Within a week or so, we started to gather our video team and programmers to work out different tiers of virtual conference packages to meet the different requirements."

Mr Lim admitted that virtual conference is a very unfamiliar platform for most event companies and hence his team will need to research on the different available platforms available in the market and their respective functions and match them with clients' requirements at the most cost-effective rate.

"Clients' requirements vary from something as simple as an internal announcement where the management wants to address their internal staff; hence it is something more informal and they can easily use an available platform like Zoom or Facebook live etc.

"We do have other clients who have more extensive requirements for us to do both a virtual conference and expo for an 8,000 pax audience attending from all over the world over a duration of 3 days."

Mr Lim said that since organisers do not need to pay for venue rental fee, hotel accommodation and F&B costs for guests, this amount may be used to form a more customised interactive content for virtual conferences to create a more immersive experience.

Knoxx is currently proposing for about 15 virtual conferences. However, this pales in comparison to last year's business. "Last year, this time, we clocked in a total of almost 100 (varying in sizes, a mixture of small and big events) events between February and June."

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