Taiwan Applies Digital Technologies to Facilitate MICE Business Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Taiwan's comprehensive measures have been successful in holding the line against widespread local outbreaks


In an effort to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Taiwan government has implemented many measures to protect public health. For instance, utilizing its powerful technological capabilities, Taiwan developed a big data electronic checking system to track the contact history of confirmed cases while conducting surveys to prevent further spread. Doctors from Taiwan's hospitals also share their disease prevention experience through video conferencing with countries in need.

Thanks to comprehensive prevention measures, Taiwan is successfully holding the line against widespread local outbreaks. The Taiwanese are largely able to enjoy a normal way of life. In addition, Taiwan is also one of very few countries in the world where children are still able to attend school normally.

Before we MEET again
Facing the pandemic, Taiwan responded quickly and established a plan to use digital technologies to serve the global business community which is currently on lockdown.

For exhibitions, Taiwan has launched online and virtual 3D exhibitions for trade partners around the world, enabling visitors to view products and shop directly online. In addition, Taiwantrade.com offers customized online sourcing services via its Meet Supplier Online service (www.taiwantrade.com/mp/mso-steps).

In terms of Taiwan's MICE training and certification projects, to keep the community safe and follow the social distancing policy, MEET TAIWAN, Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program, still offers classroom training; however online classes have also been launched. Distance learning does not mean lower standards. MEET TAIWAN will do its utmost to ensure a high quality of education.

MEET TAIWAN, your reliable partner in Taiwan, will continue assisting the global MICE industry with recovery. When the spread of COVID-19 slows down, it will be time to meet again in Taiwan!

For more information or assistance, please visit the MEET TAIWAN website.

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