Danang reinforces MICE credentials in Singapore roadshow

Development of new convention facilities, high calibre hotels make Vietnamese city an emerging destination

ACC manager Tran Gia Ngoc Phuong (third from right) with attendees at the Singapore roadshow.
ACC manager Tran Gia Ngoc Phuong (third from right) with attendees at the Singapore roadshow.

SINGAPORE - The picturesque Vietnamese city of Danang is gearing up to attract more overseas MICE tourists in the coming year, with new convention facilities and high calibre hotels meeting rising demand.

Known for its beautiful stretches of pristine beaches, attractive landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Danang now has the MICE infrastructure to cater to business travellers.

Already, the Danang International Airport has doubled its capacity with a newly-added terminal in 2017, with further expansion plans in the works. The development of new convention facilities, such as the Ariyana Convention Centre (ACC), has also brought optimism to the local MICE industry.

"The increasing number of MICE customers and development of new convention facilities for instance, the ACC, is a positive signal for Danang's MICE tourism," said Danang's deputy director of tourism department, Nguyen Xuan Binh, during a recent promotional roadshow in Singapore.

"Danang's fascinating image of being an emerging MICE destination with high calibre hotels and resorts, updated meeting facilities, and extensive international flight networks will be the main driving force."

Mr Nguyen revealed that, currently, around 70% of MICE tourists in Danang are domestic and largely of incentive segment. The city has also witness the increase of international MICE groups from Southeast Asia alongside Japan and Korea.

"In the upcoming time, Danang will be more determined to attract more overseas MICE tourists, especially for convention purpose," said Mr Nguyen. "This MICE segment not only increases tourism revenue but also brings about expertise knowledge contributing towards Danang development.

"As for Southeast Asian market, we will especially concentrate on Singapore, one of Asian tigers, for many international organisations' headquarters are established here whom we would like to attract to Danang."

ACC manager Tran Gia Ngoc Phuong said her facility offers a 2500-seat pillarless Ballroom, and a vast array of value-added and authentic services including beachside banquets, team-building activities in the rivers, cultural excursions and various tailor-made programmes.

Mrs Tran added: "With its unique beauty and convenience, Danang makes for an excellent destination for Singaporean MICE groups."

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