Cheers! Dubai drops tax 30% alcohol tax

Cheaper booze enhances Dubai’s goal to win more visitors to the Middle Eastern hub.

The drinks are on Dubai as alcohol tax is dumped.
The drinks are on Dubai as alcohol tax is dumped. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/oneinchpunch

Visitors to Dubai will be raising a glass to the emirate’s decision to scrap a 30% tax on alcohol sales.

While it is not difficult to find a restaurant or hotel serving alcoholic drinks to visitors in Dubai, the price often raises eyebrows.

A pint of beer in Dubai can cost more than US$15 at restaurants, and wine starts from US$100 a bottle. This has seen some thirsty non-Muslim residents driving to smaller emirates where booze prices are cheaper.

The year-long trial to scrap the alcohol tax is being seen as part of a strategy to enhance Dubai’s destination appeal to international visitors amid growing competition among other countries in the region.

Saudi Arabia, where the sale of alcohol is strictly banned, is developing huge tourism infrastructure, while Qatar, where alcohol is heavily taxed, hopes to build on its staging of the FIFA World Cup to attract more international visitors.

Along with the alcohol tax, licences for those who sell liquor in Dubai will also be scrapped.

Source: Travel Weekly Asia