24 hours in Bandung

24 hours in Bandung

Beyond its modern-day reputation as a shopping haven, Bandung has grown to become a centre for learning and creativity. Surrounded by fertile volcanic mountains, the city was established as a tea planting region during the Dutch colonial era and soon grew into a town for wealth planters who owned miles and miles of tea, coffee and cinchona plantations, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens. 

Make the best of Bandung's multi-faceted appeal in a day with experiences the encompass both traditional heritage art forms and edgy contemporary arts, which can be tweaked to incorporate team-building experiences that leave a deeper impact. 


Begin the day at the Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU), a one-stop cultural destination offering various activities relating to Sundanese culture, and in particular, the angklung, a traditional bamboo wind instrument.

Depending on interest levels, delegates can opt to enjoy a two and a half hour show featuring nine different components. The show begins with a puppet show (wayang golek) performance followed by helaran (usually performed at traditional ceremonies such as khitanan or rice harvesting), traditional dance, arumba, mini anklung, anklung Nusantara, opportunities to play the anklung together, performances by the angklung orchestra and public dances. 

Feed delegates' sense of history at the Museum Geologi, a museum which curates a history of the city's geology and mining past during the Dutch colonial era.


Get delegates connected to the city's modern-day arts scene at the NuArt Sculpture Park, an arts space that exhibits the works of Indonesian sculptor and artist, Nyoman Nuarta, who is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Art Movement. The 3ha garden showcases Nuarta's most significant works. 

To jazz up the occasion, planners can choose to hire out the park's spaces and the Gallery for a chic function. The whole areas (encompassing both outdoor and indoor) can accommodate up to 1500 guests.


Wind down with day's activities with a luxurious fine dining experience at the BelleVue Restaurant located on the fifth floor of the Grand Hotel Universal. Inspired by Victorian design sensibilities (think overhanging chandeliers and manicured gardens), the restaurant offers patrons French and Italian cuisine with views of the hills and pool.

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