Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore launch webinar series with Facebook

Key findings by Facebook point to new trends in the travel market

The "Upskilling in the Off Season" webinar series revealed how consumers have altered their priorities. Credit: STB

SINGAPORE - A free web-based training series aimed at helping travel industry partners to adjust business and marketing strategies, saw its first streaming on 30 April 2020.

The Upskilling In The Off Season series of webinars was launched by Singapore Tourism Board Marketing College in partnership with Facebook Webinars SG and Enterprise Singapore. It revealed how Singapore consumers have altered their behaviour these few months.

Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts' brand marketing and communications VP, Ms Kit Pui Lee, shared how the group's three Singapore hotels were responding to the crisis.

Besides training staff, housing returning Singaporeans, keeping the latter upbeat with cheer packs and encouraging notes, and providing 200 free meals daily to St Andrew's Autism Centre, Pan Pacific has been re-designing the job scope of staff.

It has, like many other hotels, been providing online delivery for its three hotels in Singapore. Push out carts are also stationed at the hotels' driveways in an effort to boost F&B business with takeaways. Bento sets are priced from S$16.10 (US$11.40) per box and from S$45 for cakes, before discount at Pan Pacific Hotel.

Some of the key findings from Facebook:
•    The most delayed major purchase items are travel-related (vacation holidays and flights)
•    The top three activities that Singapore residents are doing at home:
     1.   58% watch more news coverage
     2.   38% spend more time on social media
     3.   35% spend more time on messaging apps and streaming services
•    In the event that live events cannot be conducted, 1 in 3 (between 18-34 years old) are interested in watching livestream of a sports event
•    More than one in four are interested in watching livestream of a conference/music concert
•    59% expect F&B products and services to have an increased awareness of safety
•    65% expect insurance products and services to promote health and wellbeing
•    55% expect health and wellness products to promote what they represent
•    75% expect brands to provide flexible payment terms


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