MyCEB launches online education platform

Learning continues for the events industry as it readies itself for a comeback

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri: "As we are moving towards a new norm, we look forward for PCOs to learn and explore through online platforms such as IAPCO webEDGE." Credit: MyCEB

MALAYSIA - Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) has partnered with International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to launch an online education platform for the events industry.

The new IAPCO webEDGE platform allows meeting professionals from any discipline to access a fully immersive 14-course congress project management package. All content is delivered by meetings industry experts using real-life case studies which will be accessible 24/7.

MyCEB's CEO, Dato Sri' Abdul Khani, said: "While business tourism, like most economic sectors have slowed due to the pandemic, it is also a time for everyone to take a step back and not only plan for the future, but include learning and development as part of the process for a bigger and better comeback. We believe this will elevate the professionalism of PCOs and the supply chains in Malaysia for the business events industry.

"When we had the discussion with IAPCO and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on webEDGE platform, we were very much sold to the idea as learning and development never stops. In an industry that is primarily about international business, it is therefore crucial to continuously speak on a global level. This is where we see webEDGE playing its role".

MyCEB's support comes in various aspects, from expertise to monetary means. A communications campaign will also be launched to promote webEDGE.

He added, "It is learning at your own time, that is the advantage of digital training, hence we are highly communicating through our websites and social media channels.

"MyCEB is mobilising our database to let industry players know the opportunities. The sessions that participants take part in are not a touch-and-go process as they can earn their completion certification and a social media badge".

As a learning platform, webEDGE will provide insights to business event players including PCOs, associations, venues, among others. Topics will range from budgets, cultural intelligence, negotiations, risk and crisis management, and more.

The modules will be presented by 24 meeting industry experts from IAPCO accredited member companies and is approved by the Events Industry Council for a total of 15.25 CMP hours. The course is now live and is free for all IAPCO members.

For non-members, an access fee of 140 euros (US$152) applies for the entire course. A 50% discount of the access fee will be given to Malaysia-based users.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre will be the venue host for IAPCO's The EDGE Seminar in 2021.

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