Empowering MICE to adopt virtual events and improve health measures

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau has launched digital learning incentives

TCEB: spurring the move to virtual platforms such as webinars and e-learning platforms. Credit: Getty Images

BANGKOK - Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has launched relief measures on Monday (20 April) aimed at supporting the industry's transition to virtual events and to encourage an upgrade of health and safety measures.

These initiatives are aimed at tiding Thailand's business events industry in the interim by adapting businesses to online or virtual platforms and to prepare the industry to continue with stringent health and safety standards.

The support is much-needed as MICE events continue to be being postponed or cancelled worldwide. In such times, online or virtual platforms have become an alternative for events that can ensure business continuity, said TCEB president Mr Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya.

First initiative
TCEB's first of two initiatives will extend support for three categories of virtual meetings, including webinars, offline to online (O2O) platforms and e-learning platforms.

TCEB will provide support to prepare and setup a studio for live streaming as well as the technical coordination and system monitoring during live streaming. It foresees that such sessions can cater up to 10,000 attendees at a time. Event capabilities will include slide presentations and interactive elements such as polls and Q&As.

Trade exhibition organisers can tap on TCEB's support to manage O2O platforms in areas such as sequencing, production, controlling, system monitoring during live streaming and technical preparation. It can also add on an online payment system to boost sales.

MICE businesses can also apply for employees to upgrade their skills through online courses. TCEB is working with Southeast Asia Center to offer six courses on its e-learning platform, YourNextU, covering areas from project management, interpersonal skills, management, communication, entrepreneurship to digital.

The courses will be offered to 250 users from May to October and learners will receive a certification of completion from TCEB.

Second initiative
TCEB's second initiative will offer venue operators financial incentives to upgrade their safety and health standards. Providers can receive a 30,000 baht (US$922) subsidy to support their implementation of COVID-19 screening and prevention measures by Thailand's Ministry of Public Health. These measures include temperature screening, travel history declaration, hand-washing guidelines, supply of alcohol-based sanitisers and social distancing practices.

TCEB has allocated 6.48 million baht to this initiative, which will be offered from April to June and is expected to benefit up to 216 MICE venues in Thailand. To qualify, venues must hold a Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS) certification while hotels must be members of Thai Hotel Association (THA).

"Apart from the two projects, TCEB has set up the TCEB COVID-19 Information Centre to serve the MICE community during this critical period. The centre's primary role is to monitor, compile and assess information on the pandemic, especially those that impact our MICE industry, and produce the necessary recommendations. The centre's secondary role is to update industry members on the COVID-19 situation, such as government rules, regulations and announcements, so that they are kept abreast of the latest developments," added Mr Chiruit.