The drones are back

Barely five months after its first appearance in KL, the Global Drone Conference 2020 (GDC2020) returns again

Participants being shown a drone used by the Malaysian Civil Defense Force at last year's conference. Credit: Best Events Productions

KUALA LUMPUR - The Global Drone Conference 2020 is set to re-convene in Malaysia for the second time barely five months after its inaugural appearance last October in Kuala Lumpur.

From March 2‐3, the conference to be held in the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre is expected to draw more than 200 participants from Malaysia, the ASEAN‐region, Australia, Nepal, India, Taiwan, Japan and France.

Ms Hanniz Lam, Best Events Productions managing partner and event organiser, said the first conference was a primer for this year's event, as technology and trends evolve rapidly so deeper content was needed. She added that one or two events a year is insufficient and there would be smaller scale events after the March event.

Business leaders and government agencies will explore strategies for the efficient use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Key figures from the fields of politics, law‐making, academia, industry, and business will discuss ways of achieving acceptance and devising solutions for the safe and effective commercial use of unmanned drones in Asia.

Show highlights include a hackathon and pitching and funding sessions hosted by SME Corp Malaysia and Wannan Space. The hackathon will invite participants to design and develop/program IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and solving industry problems and connecting this into drone related ecosystems.

"Winners will be mentored for the next four months to transform their ideas into actual solutions. Beginners are welcome and we are working with local schools to send students to take part," said Ms Lam.

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