Singapore Expo: housing recovering COVID-19 patients

It will be closed to the public and space rental bookings will be postponed during this period

Singapore Expo will work with planners to ensure a smooth execution of their events when bookings can resume. Credit: SingEx Holdings

SINGAPORE - Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre has been designated as the second community isolation facility to house Covid-19 patients who have recovered but might still be infectious or have milder symptoms.

The venue is the second Community Isolation Facility (CIF) after D'Resort NTUC. Patients who are clinically well enough to be discharged from medical care but still test positive for COVID-19 will be sent to these two facilities for isolation and care to improve the efficient use of hospital resources as such patients do not generally require significant medical care.

SingEx Holdings brand & customer experience executive director, Mr Alvin Lim, said: "Singapore is at a critical juncture in its fight against COVID-19. As a public facility, Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria stands ready to support Singapore's healthcare system through its conversion into a Community Isolation Facility, similar to the first such facility at D'Resort in Pasir Ris.

"As a CIF, Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria will be a restricted area with secure entry points only for on-site operation staff cleared for access. The venue will remain closed to the public for as long as it is a CIF, and it will not be taking any space rental bookings during this period.

"Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria will take guidance from the Singapore Government on the duration the venue will remain a CIF.

"We are ready to continue providing support for as long as it is necessary. During this time, SingEx as a business is still very much able to operate. We will continue our conversations with organisers, meeting planners, enterprises and event partners, and discuss arrangements with our customers, partners, and the wider MICE community, prioritising their safety and well-being.

"When the situation stabilises and business events can resume, we will work closely with business event planners to ensure smooth execution of their events, including implementing the necessary precautionary measures."

The CIF at Singapore Expo will be modelled after the existing government quarantine facilities, and will be managed with a higher baseline level of infection control by staff.

Patients who are clinically fit for discharge but are still COVID-19 positive will be isolated and safely managed in this facility until after they test negative for COVID-19. The cost of isolation in the CIF will be borne by the government.

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