Hats off to Staging Connections’ latest military feat

RAAF  2018 Air Power Conference in Canberra.
RAAF  2018 Air Power Conference in Canberra.

It is no easy feat to impress delegates that hail from national and international Air Forces, government, defence, academia and think tanks - but Staging Connections pulled it off with military precision when it successfully organised the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 2018 Air Power Conference.

Hosted at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, the biennial event features a global forum led by top international and Australian experts, and this year's theme was 'Air Power in a Disruptive World'.

For a start, Staging Connections used a 13m-wide projection screen to highlight the conference programme, and added a 3m-diameter globe suspended from the ceiling to bring out the global and digital aspects of the conference.

To bring to life each of the presentations that included topics such as artificial intelligence, geo-political interests and the intersection between people, machines and the military in the digital age, the team designed creative multimedia projections. Conference content was also live-streamed to the convention centre theatre foyer and VIP area, which were decorated with 'flying' aircrafts projected by four gobos. 

Said Stuart Buchanan, general manager ACT, Staging Connections, "As this event is biennial, we get a real opportunity to change things up and create a point of difference for each iteration. We built on the 2016 event with some new and interesting technology aspects which were greatly appreciated by the tech-savvy delegation."

The two-day event was also coupled with a cocktail function for members of the delegation to network and share ideas.

"Air Power is strongly integrated into the Australian government's short-term and long-term joint military strategy. This event is becoming more integral to developing Australia's core international and domestic partnerships and plays host to key VIPs in the field," remarked Sandra Finney, corporate manager at the Department of Defence of Australia.

"We are thrilled with the level of professionalism and 'military-level' organisation the Staging team delivered for our event - our distinguished guests were full of positive feedback on their experience."

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